Introduction to MCMS

Introduction to MCMS


Established in 1978, MC Marketing & Sales (Hong Kong) Limitied, known as MCMS, has inherited and owned a state of art marketing know-how, and extensive sales networks in Hong Kong and Macau.


Sales Expansion

With over 40 years of sales experiences in the FMCG industry, MCMS has been extended its wide distribution network in retail channels and horeca in Hong Kong and Macau.




With experienced logistic partners, MCMS provides the most efficient storage management and speedy logistic service which facilitate our distribution coverage at more than 4,000 points in Hong Kong and Macau.





With close co-operation of MCMS sales and marketing teams, brand owners can keep abreast of the market trend, buyer and consumer insights. Together with the core direction from brand owners and our professional knowledge, we adopt well-intergraded marketing mix to build the bridge between the brands and the target customers.

For exmaple, Cooperate with brands owners to develop and execute various marketing activities to increase brand awareness and sales, such as PR event, outdoor advertisement, street sampling and digital marketing.

On the other hand, MCMS will arrange instore activation programs to push for brand exposure and sales.

New Product Concept to the market

In addition to current brands, MCMS has kept exploring and bringing new healthy and tasty food products around the world into Hong Kong and Macau.