Bonchi Rice Cracker

Enrich people and the times by creating deliciousness
Since our founding in 1931, we have been devoting ourselves to making delicious sweets for over 90 years. Creating deliciousness leads to enriching people and the times. And today, we are working on making sweets that will make you feel relaxed and remind you of your childhood, based on the "one grain principle" that seriously faces each grain of rice.

Bonchi Rice Cracker 80g

Speaking of fried rice crackers, Bonchi Rice Cracker. It has been loved for half a century. It is crispy and fragrant, and boasts a delicious taste that you won't get tired of eating.
It is 80g, which is a reasonable size.

Allergen information: wheat, soybeans

Bonchi Fried Peanuts 70g

"Crushed peanuts" are kneaded into steamed glutinous rice. The crispy texture and the savory flavor of peanuts make it addictive. Perfect for snacks.

Allergen information: wheat, peanuts, soybeans, chicken

PONSUKE Soya Sauce Flavour 90g

Sweetness and saltiness bite-sized snacks.
It's simple, also it's delicious and doesn't stop when you eat it.

Allergen information: egg, wheat, soybeans

PONSUKE Soya Sauce Seaweed Flavour 90g

A bite-sized snack that matches the sweetness and saltiness sauce and the sea lettuce. A little retro taste is addictive.

Allergen information: egg, wheat, soybeans