Yasai Seikatsu 100

"True to nature, the flavor of Kagome" This is Kagome's promise to customers.
Providing products that maximize the benefits of nature’s gifts, Kagome is working consistently to contribute to the wellbeing and longevity of people around the world.

Carrot Mixed Juice

KAGOME Carrot Mixed Juice contains rich β-Carotene, 80 times powerful than Vitamin E, encourages anti-oxidation, and enhancing skin. Drink it every day, boosts the immune system, and achieve balanced nutrition.

Kagome provides:
- Carrot Mixed Juice 200mL
- Carrot Mixed Juice 280mL
- Carrot Mixed Juice 720mL

Grape Mixed Juice

KAGOME Grape mixed juice is made of rare purple vegetables and fruits to present a nutritious healthy drink for you and me. High content of Polyphenol avoid the invasion of UV, it help us maintain healthy skin.

Kagome provides:
- Grape Mixed Juice 200mL
- Grape Mixed Juice 280mL
- Grape Mixed Juice 720mL

Mango Mixed Juice

Fresh Mango Flavour with tasty passion fruit, a mixture of 14 vegetables and 5 fruits, provide you sufficient daily intake of Vitamin C. Come and get a stronger body and brightening skin by enjoying Mango Mixed Juice.

Kagome provides:
- Mango Mixed Juice 200mL
- Mango Mixed Juice 280mL
- Mango Mixed Juice 720mL

Apple Mixed Juice

Vitamin C + Popular nature Apple Flavour, for children and adult alike.
And no added preserves, colour, sugar and salt.

Kagome provides:
- Apple Mixed Juice 200mL
- Apple Mixed Juice 720mL

Mixed Smoothie

Ideal for the busy time.
Using 1 / 2 days of vegetables. Vegetable fruit-derived fiber and well taken, no added Preservatives, Colors, Sugar & Salt.

Kagome provides:
- Yogurt & Mixed Berry Vegetable Smoothie 330mL
- Soymilk Banana Mixed Smoothie 330mL